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Witches Can't Be Burned

by Silva Semerciyan

27 to 29 February, 7.45pm &
29 February, 3.00pm

The Wolves

by Sarah DeLappe

3 to 7 March, 7.45pm


by Gary Owen

17 to 21 March, 7.45pm

What We Do

Putney Arts Theatre is home to two theatre groups, as well as having exhibitions, events and outside performance groups in regularly from the local community. 


Two Female Actors with Puppet

One of the leading adult amateur theatre companies in the UK.

We produce theatre that challenges our audiences, but also entertains them. We provide a friendly atmosphere, a rehearsal process that helps actors develop, get to know new friends and become a part of our local community. 


Two young actors jumping in the air

We are a Young People's Theatre Company based in the heart of Putney. 

We run weekly drama classes for ages 4-19, holiday projects, and opportunities to be involved in performance, directing and technical theatre. We also have an education department and a graduate company called Little Echo.


Putney Arts Theatre

Putney Arts Theatre was formerly the Old Union Church, and the building dates from the mid-19th Century. 

The facilities of Putney Arts Theatre are available for hire as both performance space and rehearsal space, as well as a venue for meetings, exhibitions or private parties. 

What's On at PAT

There's always lots of fantastic productions, classes and events happening at Putney Arts Theatre.  You can find out more about these below, or click through to see our full listing.  

Upcoming Productions

Other events

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Upcoming events

    • 27/02/2020
    • 19:45
    • 29/02/2020
    • 19:45
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    Witches Can't Be Burned, by Silva Semerciyan, is performed by Group 64’s 14- to 18-year-olds.

    Performance dates: Thursday 27 February to Saturday 29 February, 7.45pm  & Saturday 29 February, 3pm (main stage)

    If you keep on doing the same thing, over and over again, you’ll keep on getting the same results. St. Paul’s have won the schools' Playfest competition three years in a row by selecting recognised classics from the canon and producing them at an exceptionally high level; it’s a tried and trusted formula. With straight As student and drama freak Anuka cast as Abigail Williams in The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the school seem to be well on course for another triumph, which would be a record. What could possibly go wrong?

    Part of the 2020 National Theatre Connections and also to be performed at Soho Theatre in March. For ages 13+.


    • 03/03/2020
    • 19:45
    • 07/03/2020
    • 19:45
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    “We’re always the same age inside.

    Putney Theatre Company presents The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe.

    Performance dates: Tuesday 3 March to Saturday 7 March 2020, 7.45pm  (main Stage)

    Every Sunday, a team of girls meet to play football. We listen to their secrets and their squabbles, from the seemingly unremarkable to the incredibly profound. Growing up is tough, especially in a confusing, fast-moving world. Alone it feels like it might be impossible to fathom, but as a pack, they’re fierce.

    Disarmingly funny, The Wolves is a portrait of self-discovery and ambition, speaking to the 16 year old in all of us.

    First seen in New York, this finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama has been an international hit.

    “As exhilarating a 90 minutes as you can hope to spend in the theatre… leaves you breathless.” Time Out

    “Theatre that keeps you on the edge of your seat” The New York Times

    “An astonishing new play. Extraordinary.” New York Magazine

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    • 17/03/2020
    • 19:45
    • 21/03/2020
    • 19:45
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    “You can’t tell your mum the streets are full of psychos and it’s pure fluke you get home alive every night.

    Putney Theatre Company presents Killology by Gary Owen.

    Performance dates: Tuesday 17 March to Saturday 21 March 2020, 7.45pm (studio theatre)

    It's only a game! Created from hatred. Designed for aggression. Played for gratification. It's entertainment. But what if it actually stokes the flames?

    Shocking, savage yet deeply tender, this Olivier Award-winning drama is a brutal, beautiful bruise of a play. Exploring the cause and effect of violence, it becomes a powerfully emotional drama about fathers and sons and the absence of love.

    First seen at the Royal Court Theatre, Killology contains scenes and dialogue that some people may find disturbing.

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    • 25/03/2020
    • 19:45
    • 28/03/2020
    • 19:45
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    Performed by Group 64’s Monday and Tuesday Young Companies of 16- to 19-year-olds.

    Performance dates: Wednesday 25 March to Saturday 28 March, 7.45pm (main stage)

    Join us for an exciting Double Bill performed by our outstanding Young Companies of 16- to 19-year-olds.

    The Companies meet year-round to explore acting, new performance techniques, and ways of creating bold storytelling.

    For ages 14+

    Monday Young Company will be performing on Wednesday 25 and Friday 27 March, and Tuesday Young Company will be peforming  on Thursday 26 and Saturday 28 March.

    Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale

    Thursday 26 March, 7.45pm
    Saturday 28 March, 7.45pm

    How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found by Fin Kennedy

    Wednesday 25 March, 7.45pm
    Friday 29 March, 7.45pm

    £5 tickets for under-18s 


    • 21/04/2020
    • 19:45
    • 25/04/2020
    • 19:45
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    “...the real tragedy of life was that you got what you wanted...

    Putney Theatre Company presents The Hollow by Agatha Christie.

    Performance dates: Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 April 2020, 7.45pm (main stage)

    You are invited to join us for a weekend away at The Hollow, the home of Lord and Lady Angkatell. Noted guests include a prominent Harley Street doctor and his wife, a prominent sculptress, a fashionable sales assistant and a country landowner. When the world’s most famous film star makes an uninvited entrance, the weekend becomes more bloody than expected.

    Originally a Poriot story, Agatha Christie adapted her novel for the stage and this proved such a success she went on to write The Mousetrap, the longest-running play in the world. Putney Theatre Company's modern-day version of this classic from the Queen of Crime promises to intrigue and thrill in equal measure because, after all, murder is timeless.

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    • 10/05/2020
    • 19:45
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    “I know my boy. I'd know if something happened to him.

    Putney Theatre Company presents  a rehearsed reading of Gut by Frances Poet.

    Performance date: Sunday 10 May 2020, 7.45pm (main stage)

    How far will a parent go to protect their child from the potential evils of the world? Is it ok to trust others around your child or is it more dangerous not to trust at all? Frances Poet's Gut tackles themes of protection, guardianship and accountability, while challenging parental boundaries and family ties. But if a child cannot be trusted with its own parent... can they ever truly be safe?

    Gut was first produced in 2018 at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, in association with the National Theatre of Scotland.

    Tickets available soon

    A rehearsed reading – also known as a script-in-hand reading – involves actors performing a play without having to learn the script by heart.

    • 19/05/2020
    • 19:45
    • 23/05/2020
    • 19:45
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    Is it better or worse to know the truth?

    Putney Theatre Company presents New Writing – Truth or Dare?

    Performance dates: Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 May 2020, 7.45pm (studio space)

    After a call for submissions of new short plays at the end of 2019, eight pieces have been chosen by our new writing team and are now being produced for performance by an ensemble cast. 

    Truth or Dare?

    Whilst we roam around our world, questions arise about how well we know each individual we encounter and think we know already. Families, work colleagues, house mates, partners, friends and siblings all hold out at a life, whilst they stride through their everyday routines and aspirations.

    What would happen if one of those members sprung a truth you did not realise about them which could change one's outlook, perspective, thought process and view of that person? Would it change the values of people? Would you dare to push for the truth? Would it change the trajectory of one's life if a truth were to be told? Should we dare to open old wounds for the sake of others or even oneself? Would it be better or worse to know the truth?

    The plays

    How Nice of you to ask
    by Rich Rubin

    “Do you prefer having sex with men, women or both?”

    Taking part in a survey unveils some truths about this neighbour.

    • Alan, 25-35
    • Mavis, 60+

    In Plain Sight
    by Nicolas Ridley

    “Tea is much better for you at a time like this”

    Encounters in a local coffee shop are not always what they seem.

    • Mrs Potts, 50+
    • Georgia, 35+
    • Oliver, 35+
    • Mark, 35+

    A Meal with Friends
    by Nick Mouton

    “I prefer the term ‘cannibalism’ than ‘eating human flesh’.

    Being Shipwrecked raises some awkward questions about survival.

    • Cathy, 20+
    • Trish, 20+

    by Geoff Saunders

    “I dare you. I dare you to behave, just for once, like someone normal”

    Alan is trying to conquer those things that seem like the basics to everyone else.

    • Alan, 35+

    Some Disenchanted Evening
    by Craig Bates

    “The one time, the ONE TIME I ask you to come to something, and you bloody miss it”

    Can a simple game of truth or dare really solve a couple’s disenchantments? Where does it lead and what could they lose?

    • A, male, 25+
    • B, male, 25+

    by Grace Johnstone

    “Hardly imagined the afterlife would be like this”

    What awaits in the Ladies Toilettes at Eternity’s?

    • Petra, 50+
    • Deborah, 20+
    • Sola, 50+
    • Woman 1, 20+
    • Woman 2, 20+

    He Looks Beautiful
    by Tracey Hayward

    “I think I loved him from the first moment I saw that smile”

    The preparation for a romantic evening doesn’t seem to go as one would like it to be.

    • Jennifer, 25+
    • Sam, 25+

    by Hannah Elleray

    “Whatever happens, I’m glad I met you”

    A love affair with a possible dark outcome.

    • Zoey, 25+
    • Dan, 25+

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    • 23/06/2020
    • 05/07/2020
    • 2 sessions
    • Putney Arts Theatre

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    A man of many parts. And one big part.

    Putney Theatre Company presents Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, adapted by Glyn Maxwell.

    Performance dates: Tuesday 23 to Saturday 27 June 2020, 7.45pm (main stage) and Saturday 4 to Sunday 5 July 2020, 3pm (outdoors)

    It is the era of The Three Musketeers, and swashbuckling swordsman-poet Cyrano is celebrated throughout Paris for his prowess in battle, his wit and his panache. However, his boisterous demeanour masks a secret sorrow: he adores the beautiful Roxane, yet fears to speak of his passion because he is convinced that his gigantic nose makes him too ugly to be loved.

    When handsome but tongue-tied young nobleman Christian joins his regiment, Cyrano seizes the opportunity to woo Roxane by proxy. But our hero must emerge victorious through duels, bitter rivalry and war to win the heart of his lady in Rostand’s rollicking epic of adventure and romance.

    Pleae note, tickets for outdoor performances in July will be available nearer the time. 

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    • 10/08/2020
    • 18:20
    • 15/08/2020
    • 19:30
    • Putney Arts Theatre

    Tickets available soon from Edinburgh Festival Fringe

    Photo by @bencopping

    Putney Theatre Company’s production of BED13, a new play by Marcia Kelson, with original music by Geoff Hewitt, is going to the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    Performance dates: Monday 10 to Saturday 15 August 2020

    Venue: The Space at Niddry Street, Upper Theatre (just off the Royal Mile), Edinburgh

    Tickets: available online soon

    The NHS has a funding crisis. A&E is full. Ambulances are queueing up outside. Part comedy, part serious social commentary, this play with songs explores the heart-warming and heart-rending stories of patients in A&E’s Bed 13. Papatango Prize long-listed.

    Image credit: Ben Copping

    Audience reactions from our short run in 2019

    "The pride, passion, pain, frustration, joy, sadness and humour of life in the NHS was beautifully told - and sung - by a brilliant cast." (Audience member)

    "Fantastic play with many important messages." (General Practitioner)

    "A great way to accurately but dramatically demonstrate the pressures facing the NHS without preaching at the audience." (Consultant Obstetrician)

    "Captures the good, bad and ugly of working in today’s NHS. Serious issues are tackled head on but with great heart, humanity and humour." (Research nurse)

    Read a review of the previous run of BED13 on the Mark Aspen blog.

    Tickets available soon

Past events

11/02/2020 The Duchess of Malfi
21/01/2020 Tribes
17/12/2019 Treasure Island
13/12/2019 The Inaccurate Conception – a rehearsed reading
05/12/2019 Peter Pan
21/11/2019 Group 64 Young Directors
15/11/2019 51st State Band
05/11/2019 Things I Know to Be True
15/10/2019 Radiant Vermin
24/09/2019 Enron
04/08/2019 Bad Jews
16/07/2019 Bed 13 at the OSO Arts Centre
11/07/2019 Hansel & Gretel
06/07/2019 The Odyssey - Outdoors
25/06/2019 The Odyssey
21/05/2019 Revolutions
10/05/2019 The Blue Room by David Hare - A Rehearsed Reading
23/04/2019 The Real Thing
21/03/2019 Young Company Double Bill
12/03/2019 Touch
19/02/2019 Closer
22/01/2019 The Retreat


We are a community theatre.

We make work that is any and sometimes all of the following: bold, adventurous, challenging, classic, new and sometimes more than a little bit silly. Above all, our work always strives to be of the highest standard.

We are driven by a community of active members that includes local Putney residents, people from the borough of Wandsworth and from further afield throughout London. Being the base of both Putney Theatre Company and Group 64 Youth Theatre, we are driven by the hard work of our adult members and the playful experimentation of our youth.

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Formed in 1964 out of the coming together of a couple of local community drama groups, we began life as Group 64. 1968 saw us find a home in the Old Union Church which we continue to inhabit, gaining the freehold in the late 1990s with the help of a Lottery/Arts Council grant.

Throughout the years our plans for the building, acts of refurbishment and artistic output continued to expand alongside each other. In 1999 we brought Putney Players into our community and they became Putney Theatre Company with Group 64 looking after the dramatic pursuits of our young people. 

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Flowers outside Putney Arts Theatre


An audience at Putney Arts Theatre


Seats at Putney Art


Photography on this website is provided by numerous members over the years. In particular we would like to thank: Ben Copping, Martin Jessop, Rich Evans and Steve Lippett who have contributed so much to capturing our productions in such amazing quality.

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